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I wish I read this five years ago: The Defining Decade by Meg Jay

There are books which you wished you had read a long time ago. The Defining Decade by Meg Jay is one of those. Based onher therapeutic experience with young adults, she relates how important our twenties are for the rest of our lives and what factors which should take into consideration in order to have a fulfilling adult life.
So my advice is to watch her TED talk, read a short but exhaustive summary, use my flash cards or simply read her book. =)


Acts of kindness

Find a balance in your judgments. Acceptable vs ideal.

No pain no gain

Pain is a positive information. Avoid pain. Avoid responsibility. Avoid meaning. Avoid life. Cheers!

Faster, stronger, better but for what?

It's all about games. It's all about achievement. Being better than yesterday (in a easy-to-measure fashion).
I'm sure one day you're gonna be proud of yourself that looking back you could be strong and so fast.
But is it only the result which you want? Or do you also enjoy the process?
If you only want the result, you're in fact only pleasing your ego. If you enjoy the process as well, you're digging into your infinite source of intrinsic motivation. Cheers!

What are your priorities?

Seriously. Think twice.

In group vs out group

What justifies distinctions between us and them ? Reciprocity, beliefs, humanity ? How you see others influence how others see you in return. Empathy is a double-edge sword. Beware of it. Cheers!

The moral justification for equality

Not to cause unnecessary without a morally justifiable purpose

Ego is the enemy

We justify our bad behaviors all the time. Let's just be honest. We more than often suck. And that's okay. Just try harder next time and think before you act/speak. The ego is there hiding behind your thoughts. Always... Cheers!